Montblanc 4810 ExoTourbillon Slim Aventurine and 4810 Dual Time Fake Watches UK

Conceived to be classically styled and reasonably priced, the Montblanc 4810 line-up was unveiled last year and now sees three new additions. The Montblanc 4810 Dual Time replica watches are  entirely new model and also the simplest of the trio.

Two Choices

Equipped with the same in-house twin time zone module as found on the 4810 TwinFly Chronograph, the 4810 Dual Time is a straightforward, with a pair of hour hands showing two time zones. The local time zone can be set backwards and forwards in one-hour steps, while the home time display is linked to the day and night indicator at 12 o’clock. While the time zone module is in-house, the base movement is the Sellita SW300.

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42mm Case

The case is 42mm in diameter, while the dial is finished with a star guilloche motif replica Montblanc watches, essentially a concentrically repeating Montblanc logo stamped on the dial. It’s available in silver or black.

First introduced last year in red gold, the 4810 ExoTourbillon Slim is an entry-level tourbillon; still a chunk of change but priced more accessibly than most of the competition. Now it gets fancier with two new guises. The first is in white gold with a dial made of aventurine, which is quartz with mineral inclusions that form sparkly flecks.

Both new versions have the same basic specs as the original, including a 42mm case and the MB 29.24 movement inside. It’s a self-winding calibre that has a micro-rotor and Montblanc’s patented tourbillon regulator. Unlike conventional tourbillons that enclose the balance wheel in a cage, the ExoTourbillon has the balance wheel sitting over the cage. The rationale behind that is two-fold.

First,the construction allows the balance wheel to be larger, increasing its inertia and stability. And second, the cage can be reduced in size and weight, improving the efficiency of the movement and increasing the amplitude of the balance wheel.

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The movement

Additionally, the cal. MB 29.24 movement copy Montblanc watches also features a stop-seconds function, in the form of a thin, blued steel lever that touches the balance wheel when the crown is pulled to set the time.

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