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Introducing Replica Patek Philippe 5204/1R-001 Split-Seconds Perpetual Calendar Goes Black Dial With Rose Gold Bracelet

Just after Baselworld of this year, our editor in chief Jack Forster gave us a superb look at a watch that, as he put it then “is a reminder of why Patek enjoys the reputation that it does,” a true grand complication in its reference 5204R. The split-seconds chronograph with perpetual calendar in rose gold was introduced with a replica Patek Philippe silver opaline dial and offered on a lovely leather strap – a traditional offering, not intended to offend anyone. Today, however, we caught wind of a new take on the 5204R, and it’s a big, bad mother if there ever was one.

Patek Philippe watches

The official reference of this watch is the 5204/1R-001, and if you know anything about about how Patek does their references, that “1” before the R means the watch comes on a bracelet. A full-on solid rose gold link bracelet. And the dial this time? Black. Yup, Patek has gone ahead and updated the 5204R to include an option with detachable rose gold bracelet and black dial – a combination that would be considered a dream to many collectors out there. Cheap Patek Philippe watches online.

Patek Philippe watches-

Why? Well, the rare examples of the 5204’s smaller/older brother, the 5004, featuring rose gold cases and black dials, are more sought after than your typical rose gold/silver dial watches, and the top fake Patek Philippe 5004R was never officially offered on a bracelet This is going to tick a lot of boxes for a lot of collectors, and what’s even more fun about this watch? No press release from Patek at all, it just appeared on their website one day.

The Patek Philippe perpetual calendar with splits seconds in rose gold with black dial and detachable rose gold bracelet (Reference 5204/1R-001) is a piece that is available by application, and it will retail for 275,000 CHF.

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